I'm delighted by Chris Kutalik's news system in his Hill Cantons campaign. Examples of what I'm talking about can be found here, here and in general all over his (amazing) blog. I have no clue on how he comes up with such brilliant stuff, but I want to do something similar for the Blackwyrm Barony, so here's a tentative table:

  1. Village riot
  2. City riot
  3. Betrayal
  4. Chaos raid
  5. Bad omens
  6. Political conflict
  7. Witch hunt
  8. Solitary monster hunts the wilderness
  9. Plague
  10. Guild war
  11. New religion in town
  12. Extra taxation
  13. Festival
  14. New law
  15. Diplomatic situation
  16. ...?
I'm aiming to 20/30 entries in a similar fashion. Feel free to submit your own!

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