Here's a to do list of stuff I'd like to modify, add and rewrite to make the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox rules more suitable for my own use:
  • Getting Started
    • Modify the text to make the optional Universal Attribute Modifiers rule the official one.
  • Character Classes
    • Rewrite the introduction to include a streamlined advancement table similar to the one found in 3.X edition. (Possibly included lately as an optional rule).
    • Add a section for simple Multi-classing (again, in the spirit of 3.X edition). (Possibly included lately as an optional rule).
    • Modify the BHB advancement according to the 3LBBs
    • Make up a Thieves class that integrates with the below-mentioned skill system.
    • Rewrite races description to integrate my simple Skill system.
    • Eliminate the Elf Variant paragraph.
  • Items and Equipment
    • Eliminate the AAC paragraph
  • Playing the Game
    • Import the LotFP Grindhouse Edition encumbrance rules.
    • Make the Statement of Intentions rule the default one.
    • Rewrite the combat section to include the Target 20 mechanic.
    • Modify the rules for character death to include the Glimpse on the other side table.
    • Tweak the Turning Undead paragraph to make it the same as it was in the 3LBBs.
    • Add Old School Saving Throws from the 3LBBs.
  • Spells
    • Include guidelines for magic research and magic item creation based on cathegories (scrolls, rings, armor, weapon, etc.), possibly inspired by this post at Untimately and LotFP Grindhouse Edition.
  • Running the Game
    • Modify or rewrite the paragraph to include the random room content table from the 3LBBs (possibly modifying it so that you don't need multiple dice rolling to determine the content of a single room - Monster Only, Monster with Treasure, Treasure Only, Empty).
    • Experience Points based on monsters HDE (100xp per each HDE point).
  • Monsters
    • Include the Random Monsters Determination by HDE tables and the Wilderness Monsters tables from 3rd printing (or the 3LBBs, or a combination of both).
  • Revise the text for typos and make it consistent with changes. Possibly hire someone to proofread it.
  • Possibly draw a new B/W cover based on Holmes Basic.
  • Print it, fold it, and play the hell out of it.
  • Make it available for anyone to download.
Now that's a lot of stuff to do, so I will stick on the 1st printing until I have everything done. Now, if only I had some paper to print it.

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